Friday, February 19, 2010

Gundam Fan-Manga - Update 1

Last time I had posted about wanting to start a Gundam fan-manga. And here I wanted to continue to provide updates as I make further progress.

So I've decided to do my short manga based on the UC era of the Gundam series. The story will be set during UC 0083, at the time of Operation Stardust. It will be a side story about a Zeon remnant unit taking part in the operation on Earth during the later part of Operation Stardust.

I am still trying to figure out the art style I would use for this. My style is more akin to UC comic artist, but I am doing some practice to intergrate the style of Japan's manga artist. Of course my skill is a long way from being good, but I believe the more I practice, the better I would become.

Here I was watching the 0083 OVA, while drawing on my tablet.

One of my original character will be Lt. Aaron Zimmer of a Zeon remnant unit.

A general Zeon mobile suit that I will be using a lot is the F2 Zaku.

Here is a draft of my first finsihed page. Although I have not decided whether this would be the beginning or part of an introduction for starting my story. But I wanted to at least finish a page before I proceed with further drawing.

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