Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Gundam Fan Manga Creation - Update 2

To take my pet Gundam fan-manga project a little more seriously. I went to a local art store to grab two obitsu figures (Male & Female version). These posable figures will be great references for sketching out my orginal characters.

These figures are widely used by artists, and the Obitsu brand are aimed toward manga / anime artists. My next buy item would be posable right & left hand, another good tool for reference.

Here is an image to show that I am still working on this pet project, which is more for my own personal interest than anything else. I had always wanted to tell my own UC story.

This is a WIP of a bigger picture of a Zaku team moving across the forest from an over the top veiw.

A quick scribble to see how I should proceed with an action sequence.

More later...


  1. wooow looks really good.
    i didnt know you did sketching and stuff like that. is it hard to sketch on a digital drawing tab ?

    i think it will take a lot of time to finish something like this.
    good luck

  2. Actually is much more easier to sketch on the tablet, since any mistake can be easily fixed.

    Current I don't have much to do this anymore. Will see later.

  3. Y'know, it's great running into other people working on a manga project. Live the dream, man!

  4. Dude these are amazing really cool.

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